These drawings could be done from life, from existing reference pictures or whatever image I find appealing to portray. I find the language of images very appealing and fascinating. They speak without words and can convey meaning, emotion, symbolism, and atmosphere. The sketchbook is an invaluable tool for any artist. It is the place where ideas, design, thoughts and the honing of skills meet. It is the “go to” place for the origination of any art form and also an art form in itself.

Sketchbook Project

These sketches were done as part of The Sketchbook Project in 2012, an ongoing worldwide incentive for artists to create sketchbooks. One orders an empty sketchbook, fill it with drawings and send it back to the USA. The physical sketchbooks done for the project are kept in a library in Brooklyn, New York.


This is an ongoing project where I make drawings of my heroes, for instance musicians, artists, writers et cetera that have inspired or intrigued me over the years. These drawings are mostly done from reference images (photographs or paintings). Here normal graphite pencil as well as coloured pencil is used.